Sunday, November 8, 2015

England - week 14 [London, sleepover]

a more book focussed week, as we needed it TBH! so lots of focus on learning in a more traditional style. SB also went to arts award for her silver. I am a bit concerned at how overextended she is! She has planned as her challenge to pass her grade 1 oboe this term, and it is a challenge! however, I am definitely proud of her for getting it going.
I think this monday was the one that SpD snuck into a houses of parliament trip with the deependers because J had been unwell. She really enjoyed it, and said that she had learnt a lot, and came back with some information. I am hoping that the deependers might have a picture too, if I am lucky!
Weds was a weds4ed day, with our usual group and the addition of TB schooled kids again as their half term, plus their previous en famille daughters, so very international flavour! I love a good crowd :) . so for science we were moving on with our acid base stuff. this time we were identifiying which transitional metal was in a salt by adding sodium hydroxide to a solution of it. v cool [I love science experiments] as we had iron 2+, iron 3+, copper, magnesium and calcium so we got some colourful preciptates :)
weds4edoct 2015 025weds4edoct 2015 029
this time SB's silver arts award lesson was watercolours of turtles, getting the turtliness of them :) some very different interpretations of the brief in the group, and lots of really lovely pices of art at the end.
weds4edoct 2015 058
SO, we then did some crazy pass the parcel game, which made people laugh lots. unfortunately it had been hanging around a bit, so they couldnt eat the sweeties in the layers. however, good laugh :) . as well as the shakespeare lapbooks, which are coming along really well, and got my girls watching shaekspear dvd - midsummer nights dream BB's fav, mine still much ado about nothing, did like the tempest with helen mirren, but it is a more difficult play to grasp, particularly if english is not your first language. hmm, i digressed, well, aws well as the lapbooks and the maths, this time they did some bells as well, which sounded beautiful. bb was persuaded to learn the rocking hymn on glock, which she did really quickly, so was v proud :)
weds4edoct 2015 042weds4edoct 2015 048weds4edoct 2015 062IMG_20151021_160634903
at the weekend SB went off to cadets camp, and although she took a few selfies, i need to ask her what I can put on here! The rest of went to visit friends and had a fab time. SpD went shopping with all the big girls, BB swam and played with her friend R, and DH and I played lots of board games. perfick :)
visiting friendsvisiting friendsvisiting friends

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