Sunday, November 8, 2015

a quick bit about the education

SpD is mostly working on English, both directly with a coursebook aimed at igcse english as a second language, with numerous EFL grammar worksheets from the internet and through a history project tudors, now victorians, but dont think we will get to georgians!
We are clearly doing much less bookwork than normal for this age, as actually it is conversation that is the most important, so we are also playing games, going to places and talking about it, encouraging reading of good books [ and picking out new words for us to explain]  and watching good programmes [she rather likes Jane Austen, but Shakespeare is a bit dense].
When kids come out of school in England, it is common to find they need a period of deschooling - ie doing relatively nothing - to find their flow and self direction, and this was clearly something noticeably needed for SpD as she is used to being directed. However, she didnt have the luxury of all the time she might have had in a 6 month exchange so we upped the nagging somewhat and reached a compromise position. In the end she has concentrated on english and english through history rather than science or maths [tho both available and offered] and if we had known she was doing exactly the same geog course at school that SB did for her igcse geog last year, I would have made more of a push for her to carry on with that. Science experiments were done with the group.
SpD's English has really substantially improved since being here, even though she had lots of English from doing some lessons in English back in Spain. The flow, correct use of different tenses, so that she wasn't just being understood, but using the language correctly. We have had lots of laughter about crazy pronunciation, weird verbs, and sentence structure along the way.
Other skills she has learnt - to sew, having never done it before, to bake [ditto] and lots more crafting and games playing. She has also continued with Judo and Ballet.
Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Coursebook with Audio CD (Cambridge International Examinations)
Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Workbook (Cambridge International Examinations)
Tudors & Stuarts (Usborne History of Britain)
The Victorians (Usborne History of Britain)

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