Sunday, November 8, 2015

England - week 12

time flies in an exchange! SPD has improved greatly in English, and is definitely a part of our family!
Monday was monthly rollerskating homeed meet and all 3 girls really enjoy this. fair bit of gossip with other homeeducating families and a chance to whizz around on roller skates. I have borrowed a blurry photo from a friend as DH never took any! All 3 girls really enjoy rollerskating and meeting up with a wider dispersed home ed group.
tues was a do some work day! SpD is working mostly on English and her history journal, and SB on her gcse subjects. BB is trying to achieve 5 home ed things a day as her challenge this month. so far so good! just at the beginning :)
weds was a weds4ed day :) we were especially lucky to have 2 ex HE friends join us as their school was closed for the day :) BB was particularly happy about R being there as she has missed her since she started secondary school this year. Chemistry is moving on apace, and this was pretty fun as we were doing acids and metal order of reactivity. We had magnesium, tin, zinc, copper, iron and lead. we did a fair bit of talking about the properties of acids and how they reacted with different things. tested the gas and proved it was hydrogen [phew]
SB did aboriginal animal art as the clas she is doing for her silver arts award with the group. she     has a theme of animals. They are supposed to do some writing between sessions and havent, so will need to encourage that. lovely day for art in the conservatory, and some great art pieces for the folders.
There was also some gcse maths and some shakespeare lapbook work. we had a great day altogether :) finished with some games playing
It was definitely an out week as all 3 went to sizewell B to learn more about nuclear reactors and nuclear power. No photos within the building [clearly] but all came back to tell me different things that they had learnt. clearly sb and one of her friends had been in a silly mood, as they had also been working out how to attack the base in mission impossible mode. sigh! BB, however, could tell me lots of sensible things!
on the saturday we divided! SB and I went to a reenactors market to choose wool for SpD. she enjoyed Kentwell so much that she wants to come back next year but was really worried about how she was going to get the right wool etc. So, we agreed that she would get the wool from us as birthday/xmas present and made her v happy :) . thanks to some kentwellies advising, we have some nice blue wool. Also enjoyed mooching around the stalls and bought something with a steampunk flavour for bb. If I was younger I would def do the steampunk thing :)
Meanwhile SpD was on a shopping expedition with friends, well one in the end, as the other couldnt make it. they had a fab time with lots of giggling, and i downloaded one of the many selfie shots they took ;)
The final out thing was that SB auditioned for the county windband on the sunday. she really enjoyed it :) and she got in! woot woot.

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