Sunday, November 8, 2015

England - week 13 [london, family party]

so after a busy week, we should have had a quiet one! somehow our homeed doesnt seem to look like that any more! just busy busy busy. Monday was a pretty normal worky day, with the older girls having ballet and judo in the evening. Tuesday BB had a bronze arts award meeting. the other girls did some more work. She has got her folder all lined up and organised. just needs to decide what to do with the first section to write up, on an artist.
Weds we went into London as SpD wanted to visit the London Globe Theatre. she was a bit reluctant to wake up tho, so by the time we had made it in, all the tours had finished :( so we looked at the outside and went into the museum. we saw a demonstration on tudor clothes, so my tudor pedant children ran a sotto voce critique. :D :D
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afterwards we walked across the millenium bridge and topped up our food from the m and s by st pauls [it is excellent for topping up food, plenty of choices] and had lunch there. SB had decided not to bring her coat, not her best decision!!

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when it started to rain we scooted to the museum of london, where the older 2 were being silly for a bit [they are teen girls who really get on with each other, so sometimes go overly teen on me!], so i went round with BB, for whom it is now an ideal museum. she read and thought about pretty much all the exhibits on the upper floor. she was getting tired, so we whipped through the lower floor more quickly to have a drink at the cafe and wait for the others to catch up :) . The big 2 concentrated more I think on the georgians onwards. I havent been to this nuseum for years, possibly since i was a child! it was really good, we should have gone before! It is set out really well for reviewing history in chronological order with a mixture of artifacts, information and interaction that seemed very well judged for BB's age, and still interesting for the bigger girls and me.

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afterwards we went to covent garden, where bb was devastated to find her favourite cap shop shut. she perked up with a rugby bobble hat and we ate out at pizza express. This was a relief, as we had had such a lovely day together that I didnt want it to end on a sad note. The big girls are v understanding of BB most of the time. the pizzas were delish :)

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the week'sd excitement wasnt over though! thursday was homeed sports and cadets, friday tidying and ballet, mum and dad arrived thurs to help with preparing for a family gathering on saturday :)
we were a few down from the expected number, but had a great time. lots of happy people that are family together, playing games, swapping anecdotes and eating a lot!havent had aunty margaret or mark at ours for quite a long while.


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