Thursday, September 17, 2015

England Week 8 [steam rally]

So we are back into home ed mode with a bit of encouragement! I have made sparkly new star charts for all the girls.
Sb's is mostly gcse work. She hopes to take chemistry [CIE igcse], maths [edexcel a gcse] and English [CIE igcse] this year with either Spanish [edexcel igcse] or physics [CIE igcse] ( she wants to do both!) but also some music, silver arts award and other fun bits and pieces.  This would give her 8 or 9 GCSE equivalents in total, as she hopes to do a photography btec the following year, plus additional maths [or whatever it is called these days!] and maybe psychology gcse. She really needs to put her head down though if she hopes to do well next summer!
Spd and I had a long talk about learning expectations, and part of learning being reviewing and making sense of facts and being able to process answers. So she has igcse English as second language book, efl worksheets, a reading list for direct English work and a history project and art project and a science book for the indirect/ functional English. Art, games and exercise also in there!
Bb has a change in that she was greeting hung up at only doing things with me and wanting things she could do on her own. So some new books/ worksheets but also more reading/ fact things. I think she is less comfortable at chapter reading than I thought, so when her bookcase is set up I can organise things for her to find.
On Thursday the girls went to an open gallery day and watched a glassblower at work. Ballet and judo have started for the older 2. Bb is having a break from groups.
glass studio 2015glass studio 2015
This weekend my parents came to visit . Always lovely . On sat we travelled to the haddenam steam rally . This fits well with spd history project on Victorians , mum got to see the steam engines she missed out on on holiday and it was a great day. There was a steam carousel for the girls and mum to go on as part of a small funfair. Bb loved the trampoline and the big two loved the dodgems.
steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015steam rally sept 2015
In the evening we had a Chinese meal out. It was delicious and also nice to all go out!
Sunday was more relaxed with game playing, saying in the pool and enjoying the last warmth of summer!

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