Sunday, September 13, 2015

England Week 1 - the exchange begins

Jpeg Jpeg JpegnoFB_IMG_1437075252295Oh my goodness! We are in progress in our second en famille exchange! Our first one was with frb in france in 2013-2014 and we are now hosting a Spanish daughter SpD. It all happened rather suddenly so no forewarning blog posts! We are hosting first and looking forward to the journey again :) currently it isn't definite that SB is going back as there are a number of other things outside of our control. She would like to! Last Wednesday we had a weds4ed with friends whilst Chris went to pick up SpD and her mother. We looked atChemistry periodic table, atomic structure and ionic bonds. Using fruit :) when SpD arrived with her mum we all made cranes and decorated gingerbread biscuits. JpegJpeg We had a relaxed evening, got to know SpD and her mother, who seemed very lovely and SB and Bb both were relaxed in her company. The next day she went home and all the family went on a trip to the zoo. I think they had a good time :) and on Friday the big girls went shopping with some of SB's friends and her boyfriend. Unfortunately SpD didn't find any trainers but did buy some other girly things.
Saturday we went out for the day. We are planning to do a history project on Victorians forwards. So we went for a Victorian day t English heritage. It was a lovely day to mooch around the house and have apicnic
These pictures are all over the place! Need the laptop to sort them out!
The rest of the week we have baked together,  cooked dinner, watched harry potter, played board games and crafted. I hope SpD enjoys her time with us.
Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

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