Sunday, September 13, 2015

England Week 4

This was quite a quiet week actually. DH mum had a routine operation on the monday and came to stay with us on the Tuesday to recuperate. So it was a quieter worky week around that. SpD is having a go at igcse english as a second language, and it is making her think quite hard. She doesnt really want to do much of the other books i have found her though at the moment! When September comes, I will have another encouragement to do more!
We have also played lots of games and done some painting, including some lovely thankyou cards for my parents! Also made sure that SpD had a full kit of clothes ready for Kentwell :)
Friday they did all go out and went and met up with some other home educated kids and all went swimming.
At the weekend I was working, and in work nearly all the time. I did find time to make lots and lots of scones though! we made plain, cheese and fruit. and had a cream tea as well :) .


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