Sunday, September 13, 2015

England Week 2 - camping in Cromer

We started the week with a camping trip to Cromer. The weather was pretty blustery and Friday night there was quite a gale that flattened a number of other tents. We had to reassure SpD that our tent was pretty sturdy. It did leak tho!
The next day was mostly sunny. We went to the nearby felbrigg hall and looked round and then played games at the tent.
The following day we went into cromer and walked along daring the sea to the pier and back again. It was a great weekend.
Monday was a pretty quiet day with some home Ed work for SB and bb and predominantly English for SpD. Tuesday saw the girls go into the city and SB have her bronze arts award moderated and passed. First air cadets that night for SpD who enjoyed it - phew as SB does a lot of air cadets!
bronze arts awardbronze arts awardbronze arts award
Weds was another weds4ed and chem was balancing equations and turning magnesium into magnesium oxide, which was quite fun. SB superheated her crucible so it cracked!. Nice doing 'proper'chem!
Sb started on the group tuition for her silver art award. She took a cat and made it cubist. I loved the results :) the big kids then went all crazy in the pool... Luckilly we have a fire pit to warm up around!
Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg
Thursday i was off examining, but the girls had a chiled teen meet up including AA and C. They had a great time. Playing games, splashing in the pool and enjoying being together.
Friday they didnt manage to go swimming with the fishes. However in the evening we raced off for a games night and sleepover with B and other friends which was fab :) did have a family crisis with mu hurting her back so lots of texts and phonecalls. All ok though :) we left at lunchtime as loads of friends arrived to party, but we had a holiday to go too!

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