Thursday, September 17, 2015

England week 7 - summer party

This week was in part recovering from a rainy Kentwell but also preparing for our summer party. This year somewhat later and more a bit back to school party!
I do need to get the gis reenergised to work tho! Sb is finding it hard to get out of post exam slump mode. Spd thinks it is the school holiday still, and bb is independent!
A good weds4ed helps tho :) and it was good to have a full house with both E and C there. Sb hadn't prepped art, so must do that next time. Chemistry was exothermic and endothermic reactions and all about the bonds. We did one experiment of each K did a lovely start to Shakespeare lap books. Must make sure any homework done! Lots of games playing and happy kids!
So the weekend was a party with friends staying over. Lots of love and laughter! We have a great group of friends that were met first online through newsgroups and lists well before social media developed! Always lovely to see and spend time with them and marvel at how gorgeous our children ate and how they surprise us!
summer party 2015summer party 2015summer party 2015

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