Sunday, November 8, 2015

England - week 9 [Kentwell]

This week was a pretty sociable week, and also a fair bit of work from SB on her gcse subjects, and SpD on her english. she is really liking the printed worksheets for EFL and going well on her history and art journals. She has to work a bit harder with the igcse book on english, which is no bad thing. I did have a grump at them both midweek though, as I think they can get more out of their days! BB has done less, as from weds onwards she has had a lurgy aka manflu ;) and only been capable of sleeping or putering. TBH, she clearly hasnt felt very well. DH has it now...
Monday was also rollerskating at a home ed meet up. DH says the older girls mostly chat :) . lovely for them to meet up with friends. Ballet in the evening and then judo, so quite a busy sportive day. Tuesday was less sociable! SB had a clarinet lesson, and the rest was home ed. SpD had her 2monthiversary
Weds was a weds4ed day. chemistry had some hard facts to get in - oxidation and reduction - and we demonstrated this with an experiment. copper sulphate and then magnesium, iron, zinc and lead. great :) . SB also carried on with her arts award teaching. she has bought everyone folders and this time they were doing owls with oil pastels. K carried on with the shakespeare lapbooks, and B did maths. so very productive! plenty of time to gossip and chat too.
Thursday was multisports and friday a bit of shopping , as well as the normal home ed type work. BB was ill all these days :( . and then this weekend the big girls have gone off to kentwell on their own. the weather is lovely, and I am a bit jealous! this lovely photo of SpD has been taken by them as part of their advertising.

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