Sunday, November 8, 2015

England - week 11 [visit to yorkshire and a wedding]

SPD and SB went off to Yorkshire to join our friends SOTP monday - weds. By Train! SB has already done this journey once before, so we were reasonably certain that they would make it up there! they had a lovely time by all accounts, did some horse riding, went girl shopping and came home safely as well :) If SB took any photos I might nab them to put on the blog!

SO The big 2 missed our extra weds4ed at TB's. we went there for a change. they have an added attraction of a swimming pool for all the kids to pile into :)

At the weekend we had a fantastic time! we went to a family wedding and then danced the night away :) SB was v happy with the superdry dress nanna had bought her, and BB was v sharp in a suite. SPD had a tartan jacket that clearly suited her. It has been a while since we went to a wedding, and it was fun.
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