Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spain - week 2 , festival of Kings

Clearly there isnt going to be so many words about SB in Spain as her Spanish hosts are not internet savvy types so I'm not going to get any photo updates or words from them, so relying on the odd photo that SB or SPD might post up, and words in our 30 mins phone call!
SB and family were v excited about the festival of kings. This is another christmas with present giving and socialisation and laughter. We had packed a lot of English gifts for all the family members we could think of, and some general foods for those that we might not as a 'family gift' . We also got a jolly 'xmas' theme t-shirt for SPD's dad. Apparently he liked it a lot! SB got some gifts in return that she was v happy with, and also they have a lucky dip type thing for all the cousins, leaving her with a vibrating banana!!
the procession was excellent, and SB put a few photos of that up for us to see.

On the Friday, following a bit of a kerfuffle with getting all the documentation required for the Spanish school, she started there. So there is a first day at school photo! Life should settle down a bit now, as there have been lots of late nights and late starts.

Spain Week 1 - welcome to Spain!

SO come the week after Christmas, having had a lovely Xmas with us, SB and DH had to get up at a very ungodly hour to go to spain by plane. she had a set of new luggage for an xmas present to set her up nicely. all of the flight and travel went v straightforwardsly. there was a little bit of a crisis over picking up the hire car, but it was all sorted out, and the drove to burgos, where she will be stating during the exchange. We had thought we might just do a one way hosting. However, having met SPD and her mother, SB thought that it would work out, and was very excited and happy to be going.
when they got there, they went straight out for a meal with SPD and mum, and then wandered around the city a little bit, viewing the sights and getting a feel for where SB will be staying.

SB hasnt lived in a city since she was 4, and we are pretty rural. So will be quite different living in an appartment quite different! the evening was spent chilling in the appartment. The enxt day they went to a museum of evolution with SPD's dad, and with quite a bit on humans. i would have loved it! DH and SB did, and DH was quite tickled by seeing SPD mooched in museums as much with her parents!
so finally DH hugged SB goodbye and made his way home. Good Luck and have a lovely time in Spain SB.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

End of Part 1

well, my spanish daughter! we had a fab time, and hope you come back to visit. We will miss you x x x


England - week 16 [bonfire night and goodbyes]

It is suddenly such a shock to think of SPD going home. She has become one of the family. we love her company, her laughing, her passion for awful chick flicks and will miss all that. the craziness between her and BB - mostly laughter and shrieking, but occassionally this boils over! SB will miss her company and friendship. It has been a really lovely exchange :) . We did have some trepidation, due to a number of wider not-on-the-blog life things, but we neednt have been worried. Thankyou SPD for being a lovely daughter.
So, the last week :( .  This is going to be a long blog! I took a weeks leave as well to spend altogether. we started out with with a day of home ed. SPD wanted to finish her history project book, which she very nearly did. I printed off loads of photos for her to stick in, though I am not sure she will, as she would need to do this at home. SB really needs to get stuck into exam work for her iGCSE as well. We did the classic 'home educators at the kitchen table'
IMG_20151102_131527IMG_20151102_131540IMG_20151102_133648carmen's history project
It was SPD's last judo and ballet lessons. I think that she enjoyed judo most, but certainly she has lunged into our life and given these things a good shot. I didn't get any photos of them at ballet lessons or judo, as there were no open sessions whilst SPD was here, but I did make them pose for a judoka shot at home :)
Oh tuesday was  a lovely day as we went on a jaunt to London :) . SPD wanted to go to the science museum, so that was our first place to go. We meandered all round the first floor and then the flight floor [so we could see grandad's air traffic controls] . Favourite bits were different for everyone. I think I like the age of steam best! We had planned to eat at a lebanese restaurant for lunch, but for some crazy reason SPD decided to become a fruitarian for the last week. [this really wasnt well thought out!] so a bit of a kerfuffle later, and we ate in the expensive science museum restaurant with her buying 2 fruit pots from the cafe.
london trip 001london trip 006london trip 019london trip 072london trip 086london trip 100
we then made our way to the next doors natural history museum, ostensibly to have a photo taken by dippy, as SPD has one of her dad there too. However, we got sucked in by the earth sciences, and SB shew SPD all the sections that would be useful for geog igcse, and then wished she had visited before hers! BB really loved it, but then her ankles and legs started to be really painful. i think its because she is growing, but if she walks or runs much at the moment she gets really painful ankles and legs :( , so in the end we whizzed to the main hall and sat and waited for the others whilst i gave her a painkiller.
london trip 107london trip 111london trip 116london trip 130london trip 151london trip 155
we had thought we would do a night twirl on the London Eye, but unfortunately it started to rain heavily. So, instead we went to a really lovely Italian restaurant, and persuaded SPD that she needed some protein in her diet, and eggs were in - so it became OK to have an omelette - phew. we were all pretty tired by then!
london trip 170london trip 171london trip 163
it was a very busy week, being SPD's last! on wednesday we had a weds4ed. always lovely. we were investigating the alkali metals. we started off with v small bits of sodium, but it is quite variable when it reacts. we did it fairly safely. proved the gas was hydrogen. great fun! V happy that Merry could join us with her youngest 2 as well, as nice to have such a houseful. SB did an art group, B did maths, K did shakespeare. E did bells, which we really enjoyed too.
weds4ed nov 2015 1weds4ed nov 2015 1weds4ed nov 2015 1weds4ed nov 2015 1
we kept E overrnight as well, so the girls made a film night of it and watched v silly chick flicks :) [SPD loves silly chick flicks]. This was because we had arranged a goodbye SPD/bonfire night party :) . SPD certainly has been well loved by our family and within our circle of friends. So all those that could started arriving in the afternoon to evening. the kids all laughed, joked, played games whilst waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks. Although there was a light drizzle, the fireworks were still fab and much enjoyed, and the guy burnt well too :) . then we all had a warming pot luck dinner. Much happiness all round.
fireworks 031fireworks 036fireworks 048fireworks 055fireworks 062fireworks 082fireworks 086IMG_20151105_163742498IMG_20151105_180715177
the following day SB and SpD went on a final shopping trip to get bits and pieces for her friends. She finished off sewing the bags to put her gifts in, and I made loads of tablet [scottish fudge] for her to give as gifts as well. I also made most of her Kentwell bodice so that will fit nicely. I am going to add the wool layer, DH will do the eyelet, and then SPD will make and attach the skirt so that she can come to Kentwell next year.  The wool and bodice is her Xmas pressie from us :)
and then that was it. we had got to the end of the English half exchange, and SPD was waved goodbye. Goodbye my Spanish Daughter. We loved having you here.