Thursday, September 17, 2015

England Week 6 - Kentwell

We had prepared spd for Kentwell by reading Tudor history, walking around Kentwell and general chat. I think she was still not prepared for the experience! Being a first person reenactor is quite different to anything else! She was with me on the dyers station and did some fire making, collecting dyestuffs and untangling and skeining wool. She did a lot of playing with little master w who is adorable :) she particularly liked the freedom to roam and be with other teens.
Kentwell 2025Kentwell 2025
SB was a sottler this time, and she really enjoyed it. later in the week she ended up taking responsibility for the station, learnt how to skin a rabbit! and produced some lovely food for people.
kentwell 2015Kentwell 2025
BB was with me on the dyers, and started to whittle a spoon. i think long term being on the coppice would be good for her. She also enjoyed helping out on the builders, and was generally very useful. a great breakthrough, in that she will now eat pottage!
Kentwell 202511894462_612672042209088_1390791077331082002_o

rather fun things at kentwell - always the company! also the ceilidh! and i did enjoy the celebration picnic, and all doing a lineup. i got the wrong end of the stick about the disco and thought it was for kids! whereas it was a dress up school disco and looked a lot of fun!
Kentwell 202520445739364_8ee07903c1_m11894581_1486337448352893_6948825729227956204_o
the weather was atrocious tho...

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