Sunday, September 13, 2015

England Week 5

Having had such a quiet week in week 3, this was an extrovert week! SpD is a delightful, friendly, laughing sister for SB and they have a great time together. Although she does a lot of smiling and laughing with BB, they dont play together so much, tho do a bit of chasing and laughing, so i need to encourage that a bit more.
Monday and Tuesday were pretty much focussed on hospital appointments for DH mum, and getting her better. She had had an infection which was holding her back. SpD has decided not to go to air cadets any more. Instead she will go to Judo, and give ballet a try.
Weds was a fun weds4ed. for the science component we are working through the chem igcse syllabus and doing appropriate experiments. This one was on electrolysis, which was fun. A bonus was electroplating things with copper :) . I didnt take many photos though unfortunately. Fairly sure some baking went on as well! definitely some games and some playing in the pool.
weds4ed august 2015
Thursday was the local home ed groups summer picnic, always an item on the calendar and much enjoyed.
chef picnic aug 2015chef picnic aug 2015
Friday the girls were all lucky enough to have a go at zorbing. no photos unfortunately as in a public swimming pool. they all had a great time, though they only got a small time in the balls each. Always good to try something different! The deependers were there too, which always makes things more fun!
on saturday, the much better nanna finally went home and we packed up and went to Kentwell to re-enact again, and give SpD her first opportunity! On the sunday, SpD, BB and I went for a look around.
kentwell 2015kentwell 2015kentwell 2015kentwell 2015

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